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70 Zemlyanoy Val street, Taganskaya metro station, Moscow (Mövenpick hotel, 1st floor)

from 06:30 till 23:00

06:30 - 23:00

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Shagal Restaurant on Taganskaya

for gourmet experience and unforgettable impressions

Welcome to our festive dinner in March, 8

The festive set consists of 3 dishes from the chef Vitaly Baranov and the author's cocktail from the bar manager Dmitry Bolondz:

Author's cocktail " Ida " - based on gin and rose

Rabbit pate on brioche with raspberry popcorn (140 g)

Lobster fillet with apple and sorrel gazpacho (260 g)

Ginger creme brulee with rose petal sorbet and creamy pearls (120 g)

Price: 3300 rubles per person. We serve on pre-order in 8th of March from 18.00

"In the arts, as in life, everything is possible provided it is based on love".

Marc Chagall

Shagal is an amazing place where every dish and drink is like art

The name and design of the Shagal restaurant are inspired by the artwork of Marc Chagall. The interior is decorated with a replica of "Over the town" painting , and complements the concept of avant-garde cuisine from a young creative chef Vitaly Baranov

Shagal Bar is more than simply a drink. Each drink represents the visionary creativity and craftsmanship of our mixologists, bears all the hallmarks of Shagal Bar’s imaginative, adventurous, art spirit.



Made with love for business and life

You can choose our restaurant for business meetings, meetings with friends and colleagues, and for romantic dates.

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Restaurant space

Our hotel guests and Moscow neighbors alike are drawn to Shagal Restaurant at Movenpick - infused with style, energy and charm. It’s ideal for relaxed, everyday dining - from divine breakfasts to late night dinners.

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Shagal Bar

Before you savour that first sip, take in the surroundings. The long counter, velour armchairs, and artisan structure in noble rose gold color set a stylish tone. This is a bar with a touch of timeless elegance.

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Shagal Lounge

Our beautiful lounge and waiting area between the bar and restaurant invites you to relax and read books about art.

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on week days

from 12.00 to 16.00

Business lunch

Business lunch

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Cinderella dessert

400 Rub

Zurich veal

1500 Rub

Salad with pear and artichoke, goat cheese mousse, arugula and honey lemon dressing

680 Rub

Serrano ham with salad leaves, lychee and strawberry dressing

980 Rub

Baked pumpkin with coconut mousse, cabbage and sublimated raspberry

950 RUB

Rack of lamb with roasted potatoes, sea buckthorn, spinach cream and homemade cheese

1900 RUB

Swiss carrot cake

400 RUB

Foie Gras balls with chocolate and cherry sauce on fried brioche

1100 RUB

Halibut with asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke and strawberry sauce

1500 RUB

Trio of pates (chicken, salmon, vegetable) with raspberry, cashews and Parmesan chips

700 RUB

Chocolate hour from Mövenpick

The famous Movenpick chocolate hour is the best presentation of branded sweets, which takes place daily in our Shagal Restaurant and at the lobby of Mövenpick Taganskaya Hotel. During the chocolate hour you have a unique opportunity to taste a lot of chocolate desserts.

Also, as part of the sweet tasting, you can hold business negotiations, meet friends or please children with a curious event.

Chocolate hour at the Mövenpick hotel - from 4 PM to 5 PM

Additional opportunity

Rent a conference room

Capacity up to 90 people and technical equipment for events

A tasteful wedding at the Mövenpick hotel

Everything for an unforgettable celebration

News of the restaurant

03.08.2020 Business lunch at Shagal Restaurant

On weekdays from 12 pm to 16 pm

03.08.2020 Welcome to Shagal bar

We are waiting for you from 6.30 AM to 1 AM

We are located on Taganskaya metro station, behind the Taganka Theater

Welcome to Shagal Restaurant for a business meeting, unforgettable date, or just relax, enjoy the atmosphere and be surprised by new gastronomic discoveriesShow on the map

70 Zemlyanoy Val street, Taganskaya metro station, Moscow (Mövenpick hotel, 1st floor)

from 06:30 till 23:00

06:30 - 23:00